The Gutter Pros Fall Checklist

Most people make a significant effort to prepare their gutters for fall and even more so to clean out their gutters after fall is over. Have you ever considered taking care of your gutters during fall? Keeping an eye on your gutters during the fall is a great way to ensure the protection of your gutters and your home. Follow our fall checklist this season to keep your home in tip top shape.

1. Clean gutters throughout the season

Fall causes many debris to fall right into your gutters. Ensuring that your gutters are clean before fall is essential and cleaning them out when fall is over is necessary, but what about cleaning your gutters routinely during the fall? This helps to eliminate the possibility of heavy debris harming your gutters and ensures that your gutters will continue to keep the water away from your home during those months. Routine cleaning helps to keep your gutters protected from potential damage as well as your home.

2. Leaf removal / raking

Clearing the leaves from the gutters is important, but so is clearing the leaves out of your yard. Ensuring that leaves are not causing water to gather in your yard is essential to ensuring that your home is protected from water damage. Raking your yard regularly throughout fall is important and should be done routinely.

3. Check downspouts and drainage to be sure gutters are functioning properly

Checking to make sure that water is able to flow through your gutters and downspouts is good practice to be sure that your gutters are not clogged or causing any major issues to your home. Pouring water down your gutters and monitoring to see if it flows through is a great way to see if your gutters are functioning as they should or if they may be clogged.

4. Ensure Gutters are sturdy and aligned properly

As debris gathers in your gutters, your gutters may begin to get weighed down and could become loose or unaligned. This can cause leaks in when the rain comes or even broken gutters. Checking routinely while cleaning to make sure your gutters are attached firmly and aligned properly will save you from a lot of bigger and more costly problems in the long run.

This fall checklist helps to ensure that you won’t have to do an intense amount of damage control once the fall is over. Routinely taking care of your gutters during the fall season can save you from repairs or serious damage to your home or gutters. The Gutter Pros are a highly skilled company and would love to help with all your gutter needs this fall.

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Why Do Gutters Matter?

So often you hear about how important gutters are for your home and how cleaning and checking them matters. But why do gutters matter? Would our houses be just fine if we didn’t have gutters on them? Wouldn’t the rain just fall right off the roof onto the ground? Are gutters really even necessary and what exactly do they do? Here are 4 reasons why your gutters matter.

1. Gutters keep water from from seeping into your home 

When water falls on your roof it can begin to seep under the shingles and into your home if it is not drained properly. This water begins to cause mold and erosion that can affect not only your attic, but your home as a whole. When it snows and the snow sticks to your roof gutters also provide an avenue for the water to run off the roof of your home instead of seeping into the shingles and causing mold or erosion to your house.

2. Gutter protect the foundation of your home

    Gutter help to protect the foundation of your home because gutters whole purpose is to funnel the water away from your home. When water runs off of the roof it will begin to puddle by the foundation of your house which is not only bad for your flower beds, but also a major risk to the foundation of your home. Water can begin to seep into the foundation or your basement and cause serious damage.

    3. Gutters protect your roof and siding

    Gutters protect your roof from rotting in many different ways. Gutters protect your shingles and fascia boards from rotting quickly and easily. Gutters help to drain the water from your roof quicker so that rotting, mold, and other damage to the shingles or siding do not occur. When gutters are not present to drain the water away from your home water runs down the siding of your house. This causes the siding to wear down after a while and also the paint starts to fade as well.

    4. Gutters protect your landscape

    All of your landscaping efforts can be ruined in just one heavy rainstorm if gutters are not directing the water away from the foundation of your home. Water that runs off your house and directly onto the ground creates a puddle around your home that seeps into whatever soil or anything else that is present. Gutters help to keep puddles of water from ruining your flower beds and other landscaping efforts.

    Gutters work hard to ensure that rain water is not deteriorating or ruining your home. Gutters keep water away from from every part of your home from the top to the bottom ensuring that your roof and foundation are both protected. Gutters matter because they save you a lot of money in the long run. Water damage can range from minor to critical and all it takes is just one good rain storm. The Gutter Pros has trained and experienced professionals that can put new gutters on your home or make any necessary repairs to existing gutters.

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    4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Gutters This Summer

    Your gutters are an important part of your home. Gutters ensure that water stays away from your home and prevents you from having to pay for costly damage. In every season gutter maintenance is necessary. Making sure that your gutters are always in the best shape they can be is very important. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your gutters this summer.

    1. Gutters should be cleaned year round

    Gutters should be cleaned all year-round. Cleaning your gutters every season is important and essential to the health of your home and gutters. Cleaning out your gutters yourself is a good option, but hiring a professional is also a good idea. Ensuring that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned is crucial.

    2. Debris and animal nests could be gathering

    During the winter and spring months animals could have possibly been nesting in your gutters as well as many other forms of debris. There are a lot of different things that could cause your gutters to be clogged. This is why cleaning or hiring a professional to clean your gutters is important.

    3. Your gutters could be broken or damaged

    While some damage is obvious to see from the yard such as sagging or completely broken gutters other damages can be hard to spot from the ground. When cleaning out your gutters you or the professionals can inspect for any damage that may have occurred over the winter and spring months. Ensuring that your gutters are not damaged or broken will protect your home and foundation from water damage.

    4. Perfect time for repairs or replacement

    Summer is a great season for repairs or replacements. Now is a great time to inspect your gutters thoroughly and get any repairs that are needed. If your gutters have seen better days now is also a great time to install completely new gutters for your home.

    Summer is the perfect time to deep clean your gutters, inspect them, and perform any necessary maintenance that may need to be done. Ensuring that your gutters are in good shape helps to not only protect your home, but save you money in the long run. Gutters play a very important role in ensuring your home and foundation are not damaged by water. Don’t ignore your gutters this summer. Call The Gutter Pros to help you ensure your gutters are in the best possible condition.

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